Researcher in Artificial Intelligence focused on Temporal Analysis, Behavioural Psychology and Natural Language Processing.

I live in Curitiba, Brazil and you can reach me at: bruno [at] monoscope [dot] io, or DM on Twitter. Also, check out my Github.

I'm working for the last 8 years with deep learning and it's applications on Natural Language Understanding, Behaviour Psychology and Temporal Analysis, also focusing on realtime applications and transfer learning.

I've been studying artificial intelligence since my 14 years old, and software development since 08 years old.

  • I reversed-engineered a Ragnarok Online, and created a server emulator¹ at 12;
  • Received invitation from the Finnish government to attend an event in Helsinki at 14;
  • Founded Neurologic at 15; Previously created some B2C and B2B applications;
  • Received seed investment at 18;
  • I was invited by OpenAI to attend their regular meetings (only Brazilian invited), from my 18 years old to my 20's;

Interviews & Press

¹ The emulator was called Aegis Emulator, then Panda, and then we merged forces with brAthena.