Bruno Alano

About Me

Researcher in Artificial Intelligence, focusing on Natural Language Processing, Behavioral Psychology, and Temporal Networks. CTO at Neurologic, managing technical staff and creating an online behavior analysis platform with real-time, highly predictive responses.

I am interested in democratizing access to mental health through artificial intelligence, not as a substitute for the therapist, but as an added dimension to the traditional process.


In the research area, mainly in recurrent neural networks applied to language or human behavior, has an emphasis on:


I've been studying artificial intelligence since my 14 years old, and software development since 08 years old (with Visual Basic 6). At the age of 12, I wrote a Ragnarok Online server emulator, which at the time was closed source, and involved a reverse engineering process based on incoming client TCP packages. At 14, I received an invitation from the Finnish government to attend an event in Helsinki. From the age of 18, I was the only Brazilian invited to participate in the annual OpenAI meetings.