When I started with 08 years old to develop and launch my first startup at 16 years old

Always been proud to say that from a young age I’ve learned something that will be really helpful in my life, but only when I grew up I found that I should** change to achieve my dreams**.

First, I’m a young software developer and enterpreneur, with 17 years old today, I’ve launched two startups in Brazil, created some opensource projects and contributed in others. I worked on a few large companies, other companies more modern, I worked as a freelancer and many small projects that never work out.

My History

At eight years old I started learning to program with simple languages​​, such as Visual Basic 6, which was something very fun for me at the time. I developed several projects such as anti-virus, scanners, installers, autopatchers, games, tic-tac-toe, analysis of computer use, keyloggers, viruses, and many other things. It was an incredibly fun time, I was learning how some things worked on computers, which were executable, platforms, bits, bytes, computer languages ​​and many other content you think would never learn just by reading some books.

After two years, I tried to understand how those ended up turning software systems and Web sites, it was difficult to understand, but that luckily ended up coming to PHP (and not ASP), I started doing a lot of projects, some never left the drawing board , others I flipped, but did not last more than six months. At this point in my life I began to realize that my goal was to stand out from the rest, I do not want to be one more person in the world, I should do something to try to change my life, and I strive to get to that in future , did not end in a closed office doing manual work. Studied so this time, I learned PHP, MySQL, Postgres, some ASP, Apache, vps servers, dns and other content really important.

And from my thirteen years old, I started focusing on startups, opensource projects, contribute to communities like Stackoverflow (which was very helpful for all my learning), and to focus on more complex programming, learning other languages ​​like C, C + +, Python, Ruby (Rails), Go, D, Scala. Well, of course there was much in this way, but my goal is not to talk about it.

Vision on the world

I live in Brazil, education is not the best, people do not have much desire to study without being obliged by the educational system is based on generating young people to the industry and we have very high taxes. Whenever I need to buy a book, turn to Amazon (many outdated books here), but if it is above $ 50, there’s no way to import by Amazon. That is, either I read a PDF or buy on Amazon, only that I am not rich. Not even close, but I have a relatively good life.

What I feel sad, is that there are many people here with money they just do not use the resource that they have or at least not invest in young people who want to go to the side of science and entrepreneurship. Many young people rich, but only care about buying the best clothes, go on the best parties and only that. The Brazilian government does not contribute, exempting import duties on books. This makes it very complicated to try to have mastery in any particular subject.

Vision in the professional world

As already said, I already worked in various sectors, from startups to large companies, and I’ll never want for my life is to work for a company where your kills creativity. At least I can not get a steady job and in my spare time to exercise my creativity, programming and entrepreneurship. So today my income is much lower than it was when I was working, but at least I am happy doing what I love, creating my own projects and startups with my friends.

What makes me sad again, is the lack of stimulation of both the society and the system of student government for young people who wish to do so. Many colleagues and friends criticize you, saying it’s thing “vagabond” and deluded.


What I conclude from all this my career, the world needs to encourage more young people who want to be different, or may be very difficult to change the world. Who knows who has the right resources, owners of large companies could do this. There are many young people out there who want it, but unfortunately many do not know where to start. I was lucky to know how and where to start, I was lost at various times of my life, but I got back to my career.

And I have to talk to many scholars (I’ve been, the boy nerd who took top marks in all) is to leave a bit of theory and go for the more practical world, the world where things actually happen. Try to create your designs, assemble companies fail, create startups, run after your dreams. I think this is my new dream,** I want to create and leave something to the world**.