Bruno Alano

Bruno Alano

I'm a technology and product person, with 10+ years of experience. Co-founded Leadster where I stayed as CTO for 8 years, until exit (raised from ACE). Along the way, we launched around 8 products until product-market fit, from high-ticket solutions involving AI (Bradesco, Cyrela, Intervalor) to low-touch tools for conversion optimization and marketing. By the time of exit, we had 1200 B2B customers and impacted the lives of 60M Brazilians.

First and youngest Brazilian to join OpenAI SOCML, working as External Researcher, focusing on research on recurrent networks and natural language processing (NLP).

Founding member of the Brazilian association of artificial intelligence (ABRIA) in partnership with Baidu.

Contributor of the ECC blockchain protocol, focusing on research and implementation to increase scalability through shardings.

At the age of 14, invited by the Finnish government where I received a scholarship to study in Helsinki.